September 21, 2017

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My Games

My games are fun and challenging! They are all very addictive you'll never be bored ever again!

Life Apps

My life apps will keep you on track and help you with your busy life. From calendars to alarms you can find an app that will keep you on track!

Help Apps

My help apps will give you step by step information on how to get rid of addictions, help you build a computer, and much more!

Featured Life Apps ▷

Ecstasy Flashlight

Our Newest App: Ecstasy Flashlight is now available for Android 4.0 and up. This Flashlight App is beautifully designed with vibrant colors which are easy on the eyes for older citizens. It comes with a simple button to turn on or off the flashlight, it is easy to use and intuitive. This Life app is geared toward older phones which doesn't have a designated flashlight in the settings menu.

Featured Games ▷

Fearless Space

Fearless space is an incredible game set in space. It is visually outstanding with beautiful 4k assets. The objective of this game is to destroy any asteroids coming towards your planet. There is currently one game mode which has powerups and 2 different types of asteroids which as randomly generated. This game has slow motion power-ups and double points power-ups.

Ecstasy Adventures

Ecstasy Apps is an extremely fun and addictive game! It is great to play when you're bored. There are two different game modes, Escape and Survival. In Escape Mode you try to dodge the obstacles for as long as possible. In Survival Mode you try to collect all blue circles, If one of the circles are missed then the game ends. They are both really fast paced so you will always be at the end of your seat!

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